Don’t be flooded when your pipeline unblocks next year

Looking ahead to 2011, the recruitment of highly-skilled people will prove to be a huge headache for most companies, certainly for those in the aerospace sector. Major priorities for businesses last year were to survive the damaging effects of the recession and to bolster their new business pipeline.  Employees tended to stay put: if they had a job they wanted to keep it.

As the economy at last starts to turn up, so we see a flood of new work bursting out.  The uncertainty as to when or even if this would happen, combined with the dearth of good, mobile candidates, has left aerospace businesses with a mountain to climb in terms of rapid recruitment.  Businesses that fail to recruit the right candidates quickly will be inundated, potentially giving ground to their competitors should they have to turn work away.

Understandably, employees will be hard to tempt from their current positions as many will still feel apprehensive about changing jobs while emergence from recession remains in the shadow of a double dip.  Those businesses that need extra manpower will therefore need to make an excellent case to potential employees, demonstrating that working for them is too good an opportunity to miss.  Only those that succeed in this will be able to make the most of the recovery.

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