Memories of Mapperley – Introduction (§1)

I was born  on the first day of the second half of the 20th Century, at a time when my parents were renting a small terraced house in Mapperley, Nottingham, just off Westdale Lane, with my elder brother, John, who is a genuine ‘baby-boomer‘, having been born less than a year after the end of WWII.

Throughout the fifties and sixties we continued to live in that house, which my parents subsequently bought.  I’ve long since moved away, but now, as I start my seventh decade my memories of my early life in Mapperley make a dramatic contrast with the world I see around me today.

Mine was very much an ordinary life in the sense that we weren’t known for anything in particular, and we didn’t rub shoulders with anyone less ordinary than ourselves.  I do feel that living in a stable household was a blessing for which I should be forever grateful to my parents.  People that complain about the mores of the early 21st Century are often told that they did not once live in a ‘golden age’, and that things haven’t really changed.  These musings will show that things have changed in many ways: some for the better, certainly, but many for very much worse.

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2 Responses to Memories of Mapperley – Introduction (§1)

  1. Liz Gericke says:

    I knew a Mrs Luff, also from Westdale Lane, at one point she worked for Roys Motors on Mapperley Plains. I can remember her clearly, blonde hair in an up style. Is this maybe your mum?

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