Ed Miliband’s Nuptials

Ed Miliband got married at the weekend.  Ordinarily, I couldn’t care less about him, just so long as he never gets to live in 10 Downing Street.

However, the radio happened to be on in the kitchen one morning last week, when he was being interviewed about his forthcoming wedding.  He was asked “Why now?”; a reasonable question given that he and his intended had been living together for years.  Am I the only one to spot a flaw in the logic of his reply?

“It’s quite simple,” he said, “we now know that we’re committed to one another”.  Does this not mean that he and Justine Thornton had not just one, but two children, while not knowing if they were committed to bringing them up together?

To cap off the interview he had the cheek to take a sideswipe at David Cameron.  Apparently Mr Cameron is a champion of the state of matrimony, whereas wise Ed is here to tell him, and us, that there are many forms of stable relationship, not just married ones.

Being charitable, I expect the Milibands (as they now are) were actually committed to one another, but just had no time for what they will have seen as an outdated and irrelevant institution.  Now he’s leader of one of our main political parties, he could hardly say that the tune has to change so as to broaden his appeal.  How shallow is that?

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