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I was a Virgin virgin

For many years I locked myself into one airline’s frequent flyer programme, using its partners whenever I wasn’t actually flying to the US.  The service wasn’t bad, but it was far from brilliant.

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Emmaus Hampshire at the IBM Big Picnic

Emmaus Hampshire has enjoyed the support of IBM Hursley since just before it opened, when its need for an IT infrastructure crystallised. No wonder then that the Community was keen to participate in the Big Picnic on June 18th that … Continue reading

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Life isn’t just black and white: most things are in shades of grey. Popular opinions on diverse subjects may be plotted on a bell curve, even if a skewed one.  However, we all have some principles on which we will … Continue reading

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Irony lost on the Archbishop of Canterbury

Today it’s been widely reported that, in guest editing the latest edition of the New Statesman, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has severely criticised the policies of the coalition government, apparently saying that there was no democratic mandate … Continue reading

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A Sense of Balance

Any talk of a sixth sense prompts thoughts of the supernatural. Everyone knows we only have five senses, right? Any ten-year old will tell you that they are sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.  We can no more have a … Continue reading

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Germany’s Energy Policy Shift Signals a Business Opportunity

According to MoneyWeek, Angela Merkel’s somewhat surprising volte face on nuclear energy creates an opportunity for investors.  Approximately 22% of Germany’s energy requirements were met by old and new nuclear reactors, making them the second largest contributors after coal-fired stations. 

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Just how stupid are we proles supposed to be? Ratko Mladic has been ‘on the run’ in Belgrade for the best part of sixteen years.  It’s plain to see that he was as invisible to the Serbian government as Osama … Continue reading

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