Just how stupid are we proles supposed to be? Ratko Mladic has been ‘on the run’ in Belgrade for the best part of sixteen years.  It’s plain to see that he was as invisible to the Serbian government as Osama bin Laden was to the government of Pakistan.  Whereas the Pakistani government still professes itself to be amazed that Public Enemy #1 was actually under its nose, the Serbs have clearly sacrificed Mladic on the altar of EU accession.

There’s a list beyond the surrender of Mladic, by way of concessions to European sensibilities, that starts with the Serbian attitude to the recognition of Kosovo. Whatever it takes, we can expect Serbia to bend over backwards to gain entry to the European Union.  No surprise there: Serbia is looking at handouts from the EU in billions of Euros once it joins the Community.

How does that look to the UK, as a net contributor to the EU pot?  Simply put, it means that if there’s anything left after we bail out Greece, Ireland, Portugal and perhaps Spain, we’ll then start throwing our money at Serbia.  What money is this exactly?  Why, it’s the money that we keep printing but of which we don’t have enough to sustain our own public services.

The people who gain from this European enlargement are the politicians who stand to parade themselves as the chieftains of a tribe bigger by another eight million.  The losers, as ever, are the long suffering populace of the UK (and the other net contributors – but their politicians have their own agendas).  The economic advantage won by Britons by several centuries of blood, sweat and tears continues to be steadily eroded.  Just when we should be turning all our energies to resisting competition from the emergent BRIC economies, we instead find ourselves helping to prop up a diseased European would-be superstate that seeks to enlarge itself by incorporating a succesion of feudal, agricultural basket cases.

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