Irony lost on the Archbishop of Canterbury

Today it’s been widely reported that, in guest editing the latest edition of the New Statesman, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has severely criticised the policies of the coalition government, apparently saying that there was no democratic mandate for them.

The irony of his position seems to have escaped him.  Barely three per cent of people in the UK attend CofE services even once a month these days, so he may only claim legitimately to represent the views of a small minority.  That assumes that every member of his flock shares his views, but unless we believe that no Conservative voters (who outnumbered Labour voters) are churchgoers the logical conclusion is that he is representative of only a tiny minority.

I would have a little more time for him if he could at least express his religious ideas coherently, but since his utterances come across to me as just so much mumbo jumbo, I have no time whatever for his political views.  The last Labour government, during the tenure of which he was elevated to his current position, attracted no criticism from his direction despite its ruinous economic policies.

There are so many things that a religious leader in his position could and should be getting stuck into, it’s very sad that he chooses to take issue with a government that is trying to do something to sort out an economic mess on a scale we haven’t seen for several generations, despite our country having been in relative economic decline for more than a century.

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