Why do I do it?

Most of my friends and colleagues will know by now that last weekend I came off my bike.That’s not usually worth much of a mention, but this time I was unfortunate enough to pick up some injuries that are going to take a while to heal.  Aside from the usual lumps, bruises and road rash, a night in A&E showed that I’d fractured part of my pelvis.  At the time of writing, they’ve not yet begun to assess the muscle tears that are making even the use of crutches pretty difficult.  I’ll know more after my first hospital follow-up appointment, but I expect to be out of action and stuck in this chair day and night for two to three months although I hope to be able to do more as recovery progresses.

Some may say, “Is all this keep fit stuff worth it? (sotto voce Especially at your age!)”.  “What’s the attraction of riding a bike anyway, especially on today’s roads?”  For an answer to that, take a look at the video of the Wight Ferry Sportive I completed only a couple of weeks ago.  If you do have time to watch it, give me a wave as I come past (about four minutes in).  Mind you don’t get bitten by the Sportive bug though – it’s addictive!  I was down to do the New Forest 100 in October, but that’s going to have to wait until next year.

Last week’s crash was caused by a tyre problem so I’m going to assume that it’s like lightning striking the same place – it’s not going to happen again.  I don’t doubt I’ll feel nervous though, when I am eventually able to ride again.

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