Britain’s Top Food Spot?

I sometimes worry that I may be living in Wonderland…  In the past week I’ve received a couple of exhortations, via public forums, to vote for Hampshire as Britain’s top food spot.  I can understand the enthusiasm of the exhorters, convinced as they are that this poll is worth winning.  My problem is that I simply don’t understand the value or purpose of the poll.  In response to the most recent exhortation, I penned the following response.  However, realising that no-one loves a smart-arse, I didn’t pull the trigger.  Talk about not having the courage of one’s convictions.  Rather than risk the very public forum of LinkedIn, I thought I’d tuck my comment away on here so that it wasn’t completely lost…Here’s the exhortation…

“We urgently need your help please for Hampshire to regain first place in the voting for Britain’s top food spot with British Food Fortnight.  Currently in 3rd place behind Cornwall and Lincolnshire, every vote will count. You can vote once per computer, phone, iPod etc, so please, please use every gadget with internet access to place your votes at – voting closes shortly and Hampshire deserves to win, so please vote now! It is only one click to vote.  Important: once you have voted, please, please also pass this email on to all your contacts – work colleagues/networks/customers, friends, family – who have internet access and will support Hampshire. If you can facebook/tweet link too and ask for Hampshire votes, please do. We really appreciate your help and only have a chance of Hampshire winning with your votes.”

… and the response I couldn’t bring myself to send:

“Sorry to be a wet blanket, but what is the purpose of a competition that is won by the place that has the largest number of people motivated to vote for where they happen to live?  Are we really to believe that there are people with more than two brain cells that will fall for the proposition: ‘Buy food from Hampshire – Britain’s Favourite Food Spot (as voted for by the people of Hampshire, many of whom voted more than once)’?”

What am I missing (apart from childlike enthusiasm and a lack of logical reasoning)?

By the way, if you do see some validity in this poll and you’d like to vote for Hampshire – or anywhere else that you may feel deserves the accolade – you may do so here.

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