Rolling Road-Block

If you’re going to be on a trunk road or motorway anywhere in the UK, through lunchtime this Sunday (25th September), then you should perhaps consider allowing a little extra time for your journey.  Tens of thousands of my fellow motorcyclists will be setting off in large groups from pre-arranged service areas.  They will ride slowly down the road for some miles before pulling off and getting out of the way.  The police are aware, and will be in attendance at most locations.  Among the motorcyclists will be no less than seven Westminster MPs.
The reason for this peaceful civil protest, which will inevitably cause some regrettable inconvenience to other road users?  It’s the only way motorcyclists feel able to give more visibility to their campaign against the latest round of iniquitous, undemocratic legislative proposals from the EC, which may or may not be aimed at eventually removing motorcycles from our roads, but which will tend towards that result anyway.  The campaign, including this latest protest, is organised by the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG).  If you wish to  check whether or not your journey may be affected, you can see all the start points on Google maps here.

Quote from Paddy Tyson, MAG’s Campaign Manager: “The motorcycle industry has been under severe pressure recently from new licensing directives – what our congested roads need are more bikes, not increased legislation to discourage them”.

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