Can we not get away from spin?

Take a look at the picture… it’s one of a number of signs that have sprung up around our part of Chilworth.  Isn’t it reassuring to know that our police are ‘actively targeting burglars’?  The funny thing is, I thought that that’s what the police were mainly there for anyway.  Perhaps the idea is to compensate for the reduction in police numbers by putting up more signs like this.  Hands up all those that think that burglars are going to have second thoughts about their ways should they come around the corner and clap eyes on one of these!  If you have your hand up, then go and join the clowns that seem to run our country these days.  I would love to have been in the meeting where the decision had to be made about spending public money in this way, for it would have given me the opportunity to point out that:

  • The burglars won’t care
  • The householders that are supposed to be reassured won’t be, and that the only actual difference they will make will be
  • To put off prospective buyers of property in our area for fear that
    • We don’t have a proper local police force (we don’t – just a few earnest and well-meaning PCSOs) and
    • There’s a burglary problem around here.

When the Blair/Brown ‘New Labour’ era came to an end, I hoped we may see an end to government by spin.  Sadly, they got away with it for so long that it seems that politicians of all colours now believe that we’re daft enough to be taken in by empty posturing.  Take another look at the picture – are we really stupid enough to let these signs substitute for proper policing backed by a sensible justice system, or should we all call each other Alice and say, ‘welcome to Wonderland’?

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