PM on the Greek crisis

I spotted this article in the Belfast Telegraph, and picked up on the following quote:

“Mr Cameron said the ‘remorseless logic’ of monetary union meant that successful economies must be prepared to do more to shore up weaker states on the periphery.”

As the successful states to which he refers are all democracies, it follows (or should follow) that voters must give their elected leaders a mandate to pursue policies that will decrease their own standard of living so that standards of living in the weaker states can rise.

That would be like expecting turkeys to vote for Christmas. The Greeks no more want to vote for austerity as the price of being bailed out than we want to vote for throwing more of our money into the bottomless pit of their so-called economy.

As was made crystal clear in Robert Peston’s recent documentary on the Euro crash, politicians have been forcing the ideal of a United States of Europe down our throats for decades.  Before too much longer, it looks as though it must all unravel, and in the process people across Europe are going to suffer in various ways.

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