Getting checked out

Not unnaturally, the CMA wanted to be sure that I was OK to do the Ride London 100 given that I’m not only one of their supporters but also a cardiomyopathy patient.  My cardiologist, Prof. Huon Gray, had provided a letter suggesting that as I routinely did fairly lengthy sportives without any obvious problems then provided my condition hadn’t changed since he last saw me then the planned ride didn’t seem unreasonable.  That had been good enough to get me on the team, but as I’d not been checked over for several years, I went in to see him this week.  The routine ECG showed the usual characteristic weird trace, but nothing new showed up.  We agreed that some further tests would be a good idea, to compare with previous results.  The same afternoon I was able to have an echocardiogram, which showed an unobstructed outflow tract and an ejection fraction of about 65%, which I was happy with.  A stress test on the treadmill was next and as I’m reasonably fit it took about twelve minutes to get up to 150bpm: the stress ECG only seemed to show the usual irregularities and my blood pressure was normal.  Next week I’ll be wearing a monitor for a whole 24-hours, and then I’ll have an MRI to compare with the last one I had about five years ago.  Provided the latter doesn’t show greatly increased fibrosis, I’m hopeful that there’ll be no change of plan.  In the meantime, I’ll get on with my training plan.

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