Engineering, or black art?

Halloween (Dark Arts)A fellow member of the BCS Elite LinkedIn group posted that The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is proposing some changes to official statistics that involve re-classifying IT & Telecoms as ‘creative’ alongside the following six creative industry sectors: advertising and marketing; architecture; design; film & TV; publishing; music and the arts.

There is a consultation, which closes on Friday, 14th June, to which I have already submitted the following:

I am incredulous that the following are included in the proposed list of creative occupations:


Information technology and telecommunications directors


IT business analysts, architects and systems designers


Programmers and software development professionals

The professional bodies concerned (the British Computer Society and the Institute of Engineering & Technology) have spent decades trying to dispel the notion that people in Software Engineering / Information Technology are indulging in a Black Art.

I hope that they will tell you more forcefully than I can that these professions are engineering disciplines.  If you characterise them as principally “creative” then I believe you are seriously misguided.

If you share my feelings, please “go and do thou likewise” using the link above.

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