MRI – result!

IMG_0838Yesterday, I received the result of my recent cardiac MRI.  It seems that little has changed since the last one in 2008, and that’s a great relief.  If it had shown increased scarring (fibrosis) then that would have suggested that my fitness regime was only succeeding at the expense  of damaging my heart muscle.  I still have to be sensible, and avoid really extreme exertion, but that should be normal practice at my age anyway.

My weight continues to come down – currently 158lb or 72kg, a loss of 38lb or 17kg.  My target is to stabilise at about 154lb (11 stone) by the time of the London ride, but whether or not I’ll be able to sustain that thereafter remains to be seen.  I already have a waist size that I’ve not had since I was in junior school, so we’ll see.  I certainly feel a lot more spritely these days – just after this photo was taken I braved the English ‘summer’ and did a quick 31 miles to stay in tune.

Next Saturday I’m doing the 81-mile standard route of The Long One, based at Fontwell Park racecourse.  Two weeks after that I’m booked on another 81-miler, the Magnificat based at Newbury Racecourse, and then it’s only three weeks to the big day in London.  I wouldn’t say any of these events are a doddle, but with the right preparation I’m feeling fairly confident of getting round the 102 miles in under eight hours including stops.  If you’d care to sponsor me, my fundraising page is here.

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