“Your tax dollars at work”

If government ministers are trying to figure out where to make more public spending cuts, they could apparently do worse than start with the Cabinet Office.  Surely it can be no part of its function to commission and publish a “how to” on organising and running voluntary and community events? This guide is nothing more than the wheel re-invented, and I’m willing to bet it didn’t come cheap.

Supplemental – quotes from a report in IT Pro dated 24th January:

The (Cabinet Office) was one of three public sector organisations rapped by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for taking too long to respond to FOI requests…

Christopher Graham, the Information Commissioner, said a 20 working day turnaround on FOI requests is an essential part of maintaining a “transparent and open” government.

“While extensions may sometimes be justifiable for particularly complex requests, these three authorities have been selected for monitoring after serious shortcomings were identified in the time each of them has been taking to respond to FOI requests.”

 He expressed particular disappointment at the Cabinet Office’s performance on this matter, as it had already fallen foul of the 20 working day deadline three years ago.

“On that occasion, the Cabinet Office signed an undertaking to raise its game. Their inclusion on the latest monitoring list should act as a warning to others that lessons learnt from monitoring have to be sustained,” he added.

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