Reversal of Fortune

full houseNeither of these two hands is particularly remarkable, but…the fact that I played them one after the other in a tournament will stick in my mind for a while.

For the first one, I was dealt Queen-Jack off-suit.  Pre-flop, someone raised to three big blinds and three of us go to the flop… which comes Queen-Queen-Seven.  A pot-sized bet gets one to fold, but I get one caller.  The turn is a Jack, and the other guy comes back over the top of my bet, so I go all in and he snap calls.

The river is another Queen, giving my opponent Queens full of Eights as he had a pocket pair.  Thankfully, it gave me quad Queens and I can only imagine what he thought about that as he finished the tournament in 726th place!

On the very next hand, I was dealt a pair of Fours, on which I only bet three big blinds (a mistake, in retrospect).  Three to the flop again, which came Four, Six, Ten giving me a set of Fours.  Looking good.

One opponent folds and the other bets, I go back over the top, he goes all in and I call.  Still happy. The turn is a Jack, and the river a Ten.  I’ve a full house, Fours full of Tens.  What could be better than that?  My opponent’s hand as it happens, because he started with Jack-Ten, went all in with a measly pair of tens and wound up half-a-minute later with Tens full of Jacks.

The only saving grace was that the previous hand had made me chip leader on the table so I wasn’t busted but, wow, what a roller-coaster!


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