spamAn open letter to Extravision.

By some people’s standards I have a lot of e-mail addresses spread across a variety of ISPs and domains.  This is partly because of the number of businesses and other organisations in which I’m involved and the number of other online activities in which I participate.  I therefore expect to get a lot of spam – it goes with the territory.

By spam, I mean unsolicited and unwanted e-mail.  One man’s spam is another man’s welcome link with the outside world.  We’re all different.

I receive getting on for a hundred or so wanted e-mails every day, and it takes me quite a while to process them.  I then probably receive a similar number of unsolicited messages, despite the best efforts of the spam filters at the ISPs and on my system.  Most of these do at least have an unsubscribe link, but it’s still an imposition that takes up a lot of time every day.  It’s necessary to scroll down to find the link (if there is one), click on it, be taken to a web page to be asked if you’re sure, and why you don’t want this cr*p and what to do if you should ever decide, unaccountably, that you’ve made a big mistake and you want it after all.  Even doing repeated permanent deletions takes a number of clicks and wastes time.

Sometimes you go through all this unsubscribe stuff and, although it appears to work, the next days and weeks bring the same old culprits again and again.  The worst are the people who write e-mails that start, “Hi, I’m just writing to see if you had time to read the spam I sent you last week because I can’t believe you really meant to ignore it.”

So why am I writing to you?  Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of the most persistent spammers from whom I receive e-mail have e-mail addresses  Having now found Extravision, I realise that for normal people like me, who don’t want to be bombarded all day with sales pitches for products which are of absolutely no interest, you look like the Devil incarnate.  However much I believe that you will give this request a dusty response, I can’t resist enquiring if there’s any way I can get you to stop (your clients from) spamming me?

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12 Responses to Spam

  1. brian6240 says:

    All credit to Extravision. They replied very promptly, not taking offence, with the news that they have put me on a global unsubscribe list. They point out that they are very keen that they and their clients adhere to the EC directives, and they went on to offer to help me connect with any of their clients that I feel have been spamming me so I can find the source of their data. It’s hard to see how they could have responded better.

  2. Andy Schofield says:

    I am also getting lots of emails from their sub-domains which I would consider illegal as I have not given them permission. Noticing your blog, I see you are probably a member of BCS and, given the nature of many of the spams, I’m wondering if BCS haven’t sold their contact list without my permission.
    BTW, pleased to hear you got a positive response form Extravision. Which email did you use?

    • brian6240 says:

      I used and had a dialogue with a very pleasant and helpful person by the name of Jenni Malley. Her reply included this: “Yes, we are a UK email marketing company but we take every complaint very seriously and make every effort to ensure all our partners and clients operate in accordance with the EC Directives. Do you have some examples of the companies you have received these emails from so that I can feed this back to our clients or even give you their details so you can find out where they got your data from?” She also carried out a global unsubscribe for me.

  3. Stu Capon says:

    Thanks for this post, you have indeed helped me.
    I rarely respond to spam email but had hit unsubscribe on a number of these subdomains with no reduction, possibly an increase in spam. I contacted the email address info@ and the same named individual responded quickly to add my domain to the global unsubscribe, lets hope it works as the junk was time consuming to get through. They also had my email address as linked to some company in London that would be a higher profile target than myself so new stuff was common. Lets hope they are good to their word.

  4. halleynet says:

    Been having the same problem and not successfully managed to block them at primary domain level * Totally does my nits in. I too am a BCS member. Interesting. I will email them ( I had worked oit who they were but other issues had distracted me from getting this done). Thanks for the post

  5. Simon P. says:

    These people completely ignore unsubscribe requests and seem to attract the type of companies reputable ESPs turn away. Since everything they send is junk, blocking messages from an address ending sounds like the way forward.

  6. Paul Simpson says:

    I’m not a BCS member but have been receiving many mails – mostly irrelevant to me personally within my company. A good number of them are still using the email address before my company rebranded — in 2008. I have emailed the address you gave so hope I’ll have a similarly friendly response. Thanks for posting the info.

  7. Jason says:

    Found this on Google:

    Simon Hill
    Registrant Organization: extravision
    Registrant Street: Extravision Ltd
    Registrant Street: 107 Timber Wharf
    Registrant City: 33 Worsley Street
    Registrant State/Province: Manchester
    Registrant Postal Code: M15 4LD
    Registrant Country: GB
    Registrant Phone: +44.1618172929
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax Ext:
    Registrant Email:

  8. David R says:

    Hi, I found this website whilst searching about spam from .exvm as I have been getting more and more.
    Very interesting page, and intrigued if the posters level of spam has reduced at all ?
    (I’m not BCS but am on Gas Safe register, and assume my email address has been harvested from there)

  9. kerrandrew says:

    I used a hosted EXVN platform via a marketing agency a few years so I could peddle the c**p I was paid to peddle and I found the unsubscribe part of the system worked well. I always thought they seemed like a decent company. I have a belief that unsubscribing from companies that are disreputable only works in their favour as it proves your email address is active. Far more effective to mark all future junk as, well, er junk! Nice article BTW.

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