From Hero to Zero in Four Coolers

As time goes by, and more experience is gained, the length of time between extraordinary occurrences increases. I think it’ll be a while before I experience anything like this again (at least, I hope so).

Half an hour into a tournament, I was sitting fifth of the eighty-five left from the original 180 starters.  In good shape, I was starting to wonder just how deep I could go in this one.  And then… four successive hands saw me dumped out…

  • K, Q    The board came K, 2, 8, 10, Q with the Queen being the fourth Spade. My all-in opponent had a Spade, but I didn’t.
  • K, Q     This opponent too was all-in, this time with J, 5.  The board ran out 3, 10, 2, A, 4 so the river gave him a straight.
  • A, 7    Both Hearts, and this time I had an all-in opponent with 6,8 – also Hearts.  The board turned out 5, 9, 4, 4, 7 – another straight.
  • 8, 8    By this time, I’m all in myself.  Surely it can’t go bad again?  The flop is 8, K, 7… a set of eights, hurrah!  But… they’re all Hearts. Surely not. Yep – the 6 on the turn is followed by the 2 of Hearts on the river, so my set falls to a flush and I’m cooked.

If things are to even up over time, I’m due for some seriously good luck soon.



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