How close are we to Molenbeek?

molenbeekTeun Voeten is a cultural anthropologist and war photographer who lived in Molenbeek for nine years until, in 2014, he could stand it no longer and left. The article he wrote after the Paris bombings in November last year is still more resonant after the events of last month.  Can we honestly say that the problems he describes are not present in many places here in the UK?  I believe they are, and that we should no longer be so complacent.

I wish more would read and reflect upon Teun Voeten’s article. He no longer feels that he is “…in the trenches of the fight for a multicultural society”. He now argues passionately about politicians’ complacency and culture of denial.  In his opening remarks he notes that Belgians were shocked to find out what had been happening in Molenbeek, although it seems quite clear they should not have been.  Personally, I have never understood how those who believe that we must strive to build a multicultural society here in the UK, even at the expense of British culture, imagine that they can succeed when one of the cultures they bend over backwards to accommodate regards multiculturalism as an anathema.

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